6 Things to Get Organized Before Meeting with Your Accountant Part 3

Tax season is upon us, now is the time to get prepared and organized. Getting your taxes done is already stressful enough, being organized can ease some of the stress for you and your accountant. Make sure to bring these things to your accountant when preparing your taxes.

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5. Real Estate Documents. Bring your accountant documents relating to a recent home purchase, proof of paid mortgage or home equity loan interest, or proof of paid real estate and personal property taxes paid. Real estate holding can yield many different deductions, so make sure to bring these to your accountant.

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6. Proof of Expenses. Keep a folder especially for receipts, invoices, medical bills, charitable contributions, IRA contributions, job-hunting expenses, mileage logs, education expenses, self-employment expenses, and any other papers that prove expenses paid. If you start a folder at the beginning of the year then you won’t be scrambling at the end of the year to get all of these papers together. These papers are a must if you want to get your deductions and credits.