See what our clients are saying about their experience with AMJ Bookkeeping LLC.

Aron was very professional and detailed and he did a great job with our taxes. I was very impressed and will be using him again.
— Brian Scarcella, owner Big Daddy Biscotti, LLC & Alum-A-Uke, LLC
He found a number of deductions and saved me money.
— Adam Emanuels, Owner ACES Cleaning Service of NC, Inc.
I am extremely pleased with my experience with AMJ. The response time was immediate from initial contact to the end of service. We were able to communicate virtually and Aron was very professional and I felt comfortable with knowing that my information was handled with care and accuracy. I recommend this business and I would gladly use him for my future tax needs.
— Latonya Spivey
Service performed was tax preparation and it was done well. Several questions regarding last year’s taxes (done by a different tax preparer) were answered, helping us to better understand some payroll issues that were hurting us at tax time. We were very satisfied.
— Ryan Pazun
My husband and I moved to North Carolina in early 2014 so we were in need of someone new to help us with our taxes. I went onto Angie’s List to see what I could find. AMJ Bookkeeping had a ton of great reviews and comments so I decided to try them out, and I am very glad I did. He is FAST, friendly, and very detailed in what he needed. He contacted me multiple times to make sure that he had the correct information he needed, which I really appreciate. His prices are also very reasonable and I plan on using him again next year as well.
— Jennifer Neher
I have been in the residential remodeling business for the last 4 years. The first year or so I didn’t do any bookkeeping at all.
I saved all my receipts in a box. I had Quickbooks loaded on my laptop and tried to use it myself. I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to go. I eventually found a “bookkeeper” who said she could help me, and straighten my books out. She ended up making a real mess of things. I tried several other bookkeepers, who didn’t want any part of my “box-o-receipts”.
Then I found Aron. He cleaned up several years of nonexistent or poorly done Quickbooks entries, completely straightened out all the piles of receipts I had laying around, and got all my financial stuff in order. He’s done my taxes for the last few years too. What a relief come April 15th to know that, it’s all taken care of.
Every month now I give my small “box-o-receipts” to Aron and he deals with it. He gives me a profit and loss report so I can see how the business is doing, and even offers advice and answers questions when things come up.
Aron has allowed me to focus all my attention on running the business, and making it grow, instead of fretting about bookkeeping and taxes.
My business would not be where it is today without Aron’s services every month.
Thanks Aron!
— Jonathan Doering, Owner ARS, LLC
It was easy: I called and got a quick appointment, We met to discuss the numbers for my taxes (we were both on time). He told me when my taxes would be complete and how I would receive them.
— Vernon McGrew
Aron is an outstanding bookkeeper. He has an excellent knowledge of accounting principles, and understands the nuances of each business for which he provides services. He has assisted us with our bookkeeping needs for two years, and has helped us through two audits. He is very bright, highly efficient, and a quick learner. Additionally, he is highly organized, responsible, and works well independently. I highly recommend him for other small businesses and contractors.
— Eva R. Garland, Eva Garland Consulting, LLC (former VP, Agile Sciences, Inc.)
It was great! I took all our documents out to Aron’s house and it took him a few hours to do them. We were going to do them ourselves but had some trouble figuring out how to claim some education-related expenses. (More complicated than usual.) Aron was personable, professional, and seems to know his stuff. Plus, his price was significantly less than what was quoted from other companies.
— Meredith Mills
2013 federal and nc taxes. Great job - I’ll be using him next year.
— Judith Boas