It's Tax Time Again

To ensure ease for taxes, before you come to my office, you'll need to do some preparation beforehand. The following is a list of the five major areas you'll need to consider when gathering W2s, receipts and invoices to bring with you to your appointment at my office.

#1 -- Identification

Driver's License, passport, military I.D. -- any of those should work just fine.

#2 -- Proof of Income

Earned income (salary and wages from a job) and unearned income (Social Security and retirement benefits, alimony, interest and dividends, etc.).  If you're not sure, ask me -- I'll let you know.

#3 -- Proof of Expenses

This is why I tell you to keep your receipts. The biggest deductions often come in the form of business expenses and we will need to prove those with receipts.

#4 -- Proof of Disaster, Theft and other Unexpected Losses

There are several provisions in the tax code designed to help out folks who are victims of unexpected and expensive losses of property or cash.

#5 -- Payment Method

If you belong to the lucky 23 percent of taxpayers who owe money to the IRS on April 15, then you should come prepared to make a payment. 

These 5 steps should help you when our appointment date comes around.  (Thanking you in advance for your organization and neat and tidy documents.)